DCP-Portal User Details Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

DCP-Portal is a content management system which enables various web based updates. It enables an admin to remotely manage the entire site, and allows for members to submit news/content and reviews etc.

A user of the DCP-Portal system is given the option to publish some profile information. It is possible to include JavaScript commands in some of this information. When the malicious user is viewed by a third party, these script commands will execute within the context of the DCP-Portal page, leading to a cross site scripting attack. It has been demonstrated that the job information field suffers from this vulnerability.

Remote: Yes

Exploit: No exploit is required.

Vulnerable: DCP-Portal DCP-Portal 3.7
DCP-Portal DCP-Portal 4.0
DCP-Portal DCP-Portal 4.1
DCP-Portal DCP-Portal 4.2