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Thread: Mark forum read

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    Mark forum read

    Just a thought ....

    When you are at the listing of all AO forums (or, for the Latin-lovers, is it fora? ), there is an option to "Mark all forums read".

    Would it be possible to add a similar option when you are within one forum, a button to "Mark this forum read"?

    Maybe it's an old thought, maybe it's been shot down before, maybe my brain is just in neutral ....




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    so, this is a legit request, as was my own (, both have been summarily ignored, BrainStop's for over a year, mine for a day... this is a feature that is actually quite necessary to have any coherent means of 'staying current' on a particular forum. It wouldn't be difficult to add (I suspsect) as the functionality was there in the VBulletin (which near as I can tell is what you've cobbled together here.)

    Why the inaction? Antipoints break too frequently?


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