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Thread: sub 7 hyrda

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    sub 7 hyrda

    I heard that somebody actually invented a sub 7 hydra which doesn't just break in but it also eats away and spreads through emails. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Its a cross between the worm in "Hackers" and the encryption in "Swordfish"
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    Just looked on Google. Didn't find it, but it's certainly possible

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    there are a couple of worms that do something like this already...W32.Klez.E@mm tries to copy itself out to network shares from an infected machine....code red sort of did this as well.. expect that someone will figure out how to do it with sub7...
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    I think it would be pretty stupid to like make an addon for an ancient trojan....or what ever.


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    Well, my friend..........just look at the date at the top..................if your browser supports it, it will flash.................

    You just responded to a 3 year old thread?

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