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    Exclamation Error!!! Without Memmory Error!!!

    In the past, did anyone have made a virus on JAVA? It's just a (your opinion) question. Sorry if you think that it is stupid.

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    Java is not an ideal environment to create a virus as it offers only high level access to hardware and is limited to what the java virtual machine allows it to do. To get down to the system you have to go through the JVM's security measures which in itself is a security measure. Java also has no direct access to things in memory. It would be much easier to write a Java virus that infects other Java files as opposed files at the OS level which Java does not have access to.

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    I heard of a javascript crack that allowed the cracker to steal a hotmail users password (this is very dated info and I think pactched). You sent the user the link in the mail and it mimiced the hotmail logon screen and sent the cracker the users password.

    Please note Java Script and Java are very different at the coding level.


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    I haven't heard of a "java virus", but there are malicious javascripts. A quick search at our friend Mr Google will tell you all you need to know about malicious javascript....

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    Thankz and sth else what does flash virus do. i've heard for this virus a long time ago, but i don't know what does this virus do (sorry).

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