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    ok, some idiot has just bombed my m8's email, ive done a quick scan and he's got 139 open, i have manged to get info from my m8's pc's in the past but it was a while ago and i'm not sure if im doing the correct command now cos i dont do this stuff everyday,

    this is what i typed :- nbtstat -a 213.122.xx.xx:139
    and i have also tried it with -n

    but it's saying host not found, even though when i re scan the port still shows to be open? anyone know why it's not working for me this time?

    many thanks.

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    try: nbtstat -A 213.122.xx.xx:139

    -a lists the remote machine's name table givin its name

    -A lists the remote machine's name table givin its IP Address

    hope it helps. But I'm not really sure whats going on. And besides...why do you need to get into or information from his computer via port 139? All you have to do is pick up one of those "e-mail inbox cleaner" programs (that are floating all over the damned place), and run that to delete unwanted (if not all) e-mails. Then viola...done. No 'dirtywork' needed at all.

    [P.S. - Although I don't know where print/file sharing would help you clean out his e-mail inbox... SMTP is port 25 I That reminds me...AOL'ers have that port open, I think i've sent mail through their (friend's) computers before.]
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    thanks for your reply, i didn't actually know that using uppercase A was kind of a different command, however i done a bit of digging round and solved the prob which seems to boil down to my os, this i what i found....

    1991 ยป NBTSTAT -a <ComputerName> returns Host not found?
    When the <ComputerName> of the remote computer is resolved by DNS, NBTSTAT -a <ComputerName> returns Host not found because it is broken.
    The workaround is:

    1. Ping <ComputerName>

    2. nbtstat -A <IP address returned by step 1>

    NOTE: The problem exists through Service Pack 6a, and may not be fixed in subsequent Service Packs.

    NOTE: The problem does not exist in Windows 2000.

    unforunatley the guy was using a dial up connection and appeared to have gone offline by the time i found it, the reason i'd have liked his name is beacuse me and my friend are part of an online gaming community and i suspected the offender was from within the community and it would have been nice to be able to positivley identify him...really appreciate your input on this though, ty.

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