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Thread: Using linux as a proxy/firewall, when on dialup

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    Question Using linux as a proxy/firewall, when on dialup

    I am having a problem with having my ethernet network work when connected to the internet, I think my routing confuses some interface. Could anyone give me pointers, my linux box is RedHAt 7.1, no X windows, I am in the proccess of setting up iptables, I already have squid on it, I am using minicom to dialup right now, but I am in the proccess of using a batch file. I just need to know how to setup the IP and routing.

    All Help is appreicated..
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    You'll probably be using IP-MASQ to do this, so check out the IP Masquerading HOWTO:
    For ipchains:
    For iptables:
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    ifconfig <interface> <localipaddress> netmask <netmask> up

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