Spam, which is unsolicited e-mail, isn't a virus, but it can be very annoying. It's not going to damage your hard drive,but it does fill up your box with junk you don't want to see. You're far more likely to be bothered by spam than you experience a virus or hacker tricks. HOT WOMAN HERE! XXX 4 U! AOL INSTANT KISS! ETC...
Many people think that if you buy from e-commerce sites like Amazon, etc... they'll get on all kinds of spam lists. This is not true. No respectable e-commerence organization will risk their reputation by selling their customers lists. If that news got out (and it would), they would be only seriously damaging themselves. Other lamers think that their ISP gives their account numbers to spammers.(no way).ISP's actually try their hardest to filter out spam.
You may have heard of bots,spiders,etc... that always roaming the Internet gathering e-mail addresses to send back to their creators of it. The creators of these programs are spammers people who e-mail millions of messages each day, hoping to get a .01% percent response as they hog and clog the Internet lines and slow things down for the rest of us.
Think .01 percent is enough. Imagine 100 people a day sending you 20.00 (for a phony azz e-mail) but you ask yourself (how the hell) can they even get a .01 percent response to their absurd,misspelled, bad- grammar? GUARANTed percfet smeme etc... (So often these lamers cannot even bothered to use a spell checker. But it's worth it. Lonely confused, mad, morons who have visa crads that work.
"Most of us understand whats going on when we get e-mail like this I AM A CRACKER HAS WON 10,000,000 But other morons do not understand, and send money to make their dreams come true. Many state governments including (FL) are taking legal action against this kind of junk when it happens junk mail.

Leave Out the E-Mail Address
If you have a Web page, (for the newbies) don't put your e-mail address there.
Change your e-mail address example if your real e- mail address is KMAN22@AOL.COM type it in like this

programs to get SPAM HATER can be downloaded from services/spam/spam_hater.htm. This tool locate's the spammer and other stuff
Go to you'll =find a lot of different programs... NEVER EVER REPLY TO SPAM!!!!!!!..