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Thread: Latest IE Patch Can Crash Browser

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    Exclamation Latest IE Patch Can Crash Browser

    Microsoft's latest security patch for Internet Explorer causes the Web browser to crash when viewing Web pages that contain a certain VBScript directive, several IE users have found. Microsoft acknowledges the problem and says Web site administrators will need to take action.

    "This issue does not pose a security threat to users. This issue affects stability. Normal operation can be restored by restarting IE," Microsoft said.
    "Microsoft Product Support Services has been working with customers to implement a workaround that addresses a problem in which patched IE browsers could crash when viewing certain pages containing a specific VBScript directive."

    The way to fix the problem in the short term will be to tweak the coding on Web pages that contain this directive, called the execScript directive, Microsoft said. However, Microsoft is working on an updated patch, but does not know when that will be released.

    One Dutch IE user on Friday said: "Sadly, the patch removes functionality in IE. I installed the patch on my IE 5 system, but removed it immediately by installing a complete new version of IE 6. The HP administrator page on our LAN did not work on the patched system, but did work on unpatched systems," said Jean van Laarhoven, systems manager for a part of Amsterdam's city government.

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    Hrm.........certainly rather odd that a 'fix' would break something.........

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    Then again, what else should be expect from Microsoft?

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    re: windows Patch

    well microsoft sucks but there is no way to avoid it's browsers and at least that patch fixed some security flaws so you just have to avoid those sites.

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    Microsoft acknowledges the problem and says Web site administrators will need to take action.
    Yeah, its never their fault. They start vbscript and IE, you think they could get them to work together, but no, the Websit administrators are to blame for doing what MS wanted them to do.
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    I've had some problems with that latest 'patch' myself. I installed the patch for IE6 and while it may have fixed a few security issues, it seemed to cause another. I couldn't view a link that opened in a new window. For example, if I tried to assign Antipoints to a post here, IE would pop up another window but there would be nothing in the window and IE would just sit there till I closed the window. I reinstalled IE6 and it eliminated all of the previous patches I had installed and then everything worked.

    I believe this latest patch from Microsoft is the same one that they've released two or three times already but had to revise because of 'problems.' Will Microsoft ever produce software and software patches that work as supposed to and aren't worthless piles of crap? Because so far, that's all Microsoft has ever been able to produce - crap.
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    my IE6 crashed on some sites even before I patched, so I didn't even notice..

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