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Thread: MS vs Lindows...More again.

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    Post MS vs Lindows...More again.

    This is getting good. MS claims so to speak that it owns the rights to the English word windows. LOL Anyway they are still attempting to shut down Lindows or delay them. Hmmm, they may perceive them as a threat. Anyway here is the article link because it's a little to long to post.

    Leave it to MS to sue everybody. Who's next? Stand in line.
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    windows is crazy .... they claim that windows is theirs only .... maybe they should look back at were is first came out and who came out with that features first ....
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    I read another article along the same line this morning, my favorite analogy was if Microsoft was a furniture company and they trademarked the word chair, thusly disallowing all other furniture companies to make chairs or to use the word chair.
    As a small company I've felt the wrath of larger companies coming after me twice now in name disputes and trademark violations and I can't say it's any fun. Really glad I never had to fight on this level.

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    I hope they have it thrown out of court. Reminds me of the McDonald's attack of anything with Mac or Mc in it.

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