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Thread: network security

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    network security

    right then here go's
    I have been reading alot of hacking material lately and something that always is mentioned is there alway one vunerable computer and what i don't understand is that how could there be one weak computer if they are all setup with the same setting and so fourth

    p.s by the way i am new to this security stuff

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    most OS installs are insecure by default, depending on the OS (and it's intended use) there are many different answers.

    In short update the installed packages
    remove and disable unwanted packages (daemons)

    Read up on security and be very, very afraid.

    [glowpurple]manually editing your config files can break them. If this happens, you get to keep both pieces. [/glowpurple]

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    pc's might be furnished with the same software pacckets if purchased new, yet depending on the use/software install, the vulnerability of the pc expands or decreases [exponetially (?)]
    a good firewall might resolve all the petty attacks, and close of most of the ports yet something like icq/bearshare/any filesharing soft opens your pc to temptation.
    *nix os are different cuz they start off with a whole bunch of packages that you absolutely don't need so make sure you disable them....
    so it all depands on your os and your use the unbreakable pc exist: take out the network card/modem/floppy &cd drive and put a logging in the bios; no one but you will get in but you won't have much to do ...

    it's all about acceptable risks: am i going to dl that warez from that neverheard sites to get that latest codex and get a trojan instead ? maybe maybenot... your call your pc ...
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Oracle was one of the companies that boasted unbreakable software, but already that claim was proven to be false.!opendocument
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