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Thread: Is M$ trying to take over the world?

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    Dec 2001

    Post Is M$ trying to take over the world?

    see this link. Ericcson and Nokia be warned.,00.html

    I sincerely hope they fail this time.


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    Haven't they taken over already?
    more then 90% of the pc users all over the world have already been assimilated.
    There is no turning back, well unless Apple finds a way to make all PC games run on a Mac

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    I feel that we have a need for a large company such as microsoft to dominate the computer software market. After all this forced the standardization of hardware in most computers. This not only benefitted microsoft, but us as well because it lowered the price of computers into the range that average families could afford them. Also with hardware standardized, we were given a place to easily install alternative operating systems. Of course when microsoft decided that we should have to upgrade to a newer set of software that offers little or no benefits over the previous set of software, this angers me. Also charging the same price for software that is 3 years old(windows98) as brand new software(xp) is ridiculous. Finally attempting to force a consumer to use only the software that they produce, in the form of Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Outlook, and more is too much. Give us options. I want to run small capable applications with good security. Microsoft wants me to run large sub par applications with huge holes in them. I don't hate microsoft, but Im sick of the way they treat their customers. I really also believe they dont stand a chance in the mobile phone market. There already too many well established companies in this business. Of course if they were to pair with Nokia, or Motorola, they might do well.
    Jealousy consumes the weak.

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    I hate M$ for what they did to Apple, Gates had no right to steal the source code.
    Anyway, I think if you wanna talk Hardware standards Anthony then u should have mentioned IBM. They gave out the schematics about their hardware wich eventually became PC standards.
    So I'm not sure if M$ had anything to do with it.
    Microsoft whasn't always a bad company, when IBM wanted to bring out their PC u got an option,
    CPM wich costed hundreds of $$$ or MS-DOS for $40.
    People didn't need to think twice.

    And about the M$ going into the celphone business, believe me, they wil succeed at some point.
    You know how many M$ loving morons there are out there? if people had to chose between a Linux powered cell phone or Mac/Win powered one.
    They would go Windows anyday.

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    Dec 2001
    Maybe there is time for linux to hold off the assault by making linux powered mobile phones. Not sure who would champion this though, possibly SuSe or Redhat?

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    Priapistic Monk KorpDeath's Avatar
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    Dec 2001
    I heard SuSe is looing to get bought.....hmmm....that leaves RedHat?

    Methinks the mobile market is about to crash. (literally)
    Mankind have a great aversion to intellectual labor; but even supposing knowledge to be easily attainable, more people would be content to be ignorant than would take even a little trouble to acquire it.
    - Samuel Johnson

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    Dec 2001
    Who is going to buy it up? Maybe the big telecomms but aren't they out of money right now?

    Not that more debt ever stopped them before.

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    I am a cracker
    Microsoft has always taken over the computer industry because almost 100 percent of all manfuactured PC's are being shipped out with microsoft programs operating systems etc...

    Microsoft Security Sucks but they are still # 1 go figure!

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    Meh......I think that they're certainly *trying* to take over the world........or at least the OS market.

    Whether they will or not........that's open to question.

    I know, though, that there will always be at least one computer--mine--that will remain entirely windows free.
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    This user powered by Linux.

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    What about QTLinux. Or one of the other Linux OS's that run on Palmtops. I think that if done properly, they would have a good chance. Especially if they market the power of the phone, and find some way to "secure" it. I can already see DOS attacks hitting MS powered cellphones. Like it isn't bad enough that cel companines can't keep a connection on their own, just wait till your phone gets hacked.
    \"Ignorance is bliss....
    but only for your enemy\"
    -- souleman

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