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    Question IP address......

    How could someone get my IP address from an email they get from me? I mean....I do not remember seeing an IP address when I send email. How would they retrieve it from such?

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    Well, It depends.. If you use webmail (Hotmail, MSN) it can be very hard for a person to get your IP. But a person could look at the EMail headers and find your IP, just do a search on AO for Email Headers and youll get a few interesting posts

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    Hey dude
    One can get your ip address if you send them a mail in the following ways
    !.If you send the mail throught web services like "humanclick" etc
    2.If you replied to a mail that a gif bug in it which is very command these days
    3.If you send the mail by a client that also sends your ip address
    4.If you use smtp directly to send a mail to his system that can also tell your ip address
    Hope i am clear


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    Smile Thanx

    I will look it up....thanks for the pointer...I will for sure go do the research.

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    A start

    I was reading up on this when i came across your post so here is a few places to look to start with. a overview on email headers by Rajat check out part five it has about email headers and how to make them anonymous, from a tutorial that ac1dsp3ctrum it is not his work he states this but is a good read even not just for the email headers bit. this is a site about reading email headers, had it in my favs so not sure if i got it from google or in a post i read, if i did got it from a post I read thanks to whom ever posted it first, sorry for not acknowledging you.

    Hope that helps


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    Cool Kindred 69

    Thanx for taking the time to reply. It was very helpful.

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