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Thread: Denail of Service

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    Post Denail of Service

    if you are a porgrammer
    you will understand this
    First i am starting with bufferoverun in the driver stack space in any operation system
    The windows TCP/IP drivers run in the kernel mode and have a limited stack space apart from the fact that only a little space is given the TCB(transmission control block) for entries

    When there are too many request the kernel stack space buffer overloads and caues some slowdown in the total system and if this continos then it may crash but the prob here is that
    if you write a program that sens numerous ICMP or some other packets throught UDP or TCP
    the firewall or the IDS analyses the logs instantly and block you access think of it

    Denail of service is also a part of buffer overrun


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    i don't really see what you're getting at....i could be wrong but i think some of your terminology is mixed up. i think you're talking about a buffer overflow.

    the main goal of a buffer overflow is to "smash the stack," meaning the stackframe. by passing an unusual input to a command, it is sometimes possible to overwrite the allocated space in the stack frame into space allocated to another subroutine, and if you can manage to call that subroutine, it'll execute the instructions that you wrote into it. this is how the 1988 internet worm worked, by passing unusual arguments to the "finger" command in unix systems to make it execute code contained within the argument, basically making copies of itself all over the computer until it ground to a halt.

    i think this is what you were trying to get at....write me back if i misinterpreted.
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    Yes...Jabberwocky hit "denail" right on the head. if you know what i mean

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    actually, i think what he is refering to is filling the buffer up so no more connections can be made...altho i cant really understand half of what he is saying. i think "buffer overrun" is just ment to mean that he would fill it up or somethin...not sure tho

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