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Thread: Definition of Script Kiddie..In the dictionary now.

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    Definition of Script Kiddie..In the dictionary now.

    They actualy have a definition for it now. LOL

    From the site:

    The definition:
    script kiddie Last modified: February 5, 2002

    A person, normally someone who is not technologically sophisticated, who randomly seeks out a specific weakness over the Internet in order to gain root access to a system without really understanding what it is s/he is exploiting because the weakness was discovered by someone else. A script kiddie is not looking to target specific information or a specific company but rather uses knowledge of a vulnerability to scan the entire Internet for a victim that possesses that vulnerability.

    This is just perfect. LOL. And I quote "who is not technologically sophisticated". They hit it on the head.
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    What is a Script Kiddie?

    I could probably go on and on for hours on what a script kiddie is and what they do. But, the way I see it is, if you've found this , then you probably know what it is, might even be one. Just to be on the safe side though, the basic definition of a script kiddie is "someone with limited, if any, skill in the arts of hacking; known to use other peoples' hard work in order to exploit as many machines as they can in order to feel better about themselves and pretend to be elite". Okay, I made that up, but that's the way I see it. If you fit this category but want to make sure you're doing everything right your a kiddy!

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    Great article. I remember the days when I was a Script Kiddie. I must have been the worst. Insteresting side note though, its how I "really" got into computers in the first place. I was introduced into security by being the victim of several trogens at once. Like the average teen I was 133t at surfing porn, I ended up then surfing for ways to get back at my attackers. Oh well, everyone goes through that growing phase I think.
    I loved the article, really sums up not only what the scirpt kiddies are doing but why.
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    Heh, thanks for the laugh...

    And guus, thanks for the link.. I had forgoten about there is some neat stuff there.

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