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Thread: SecurityFocus top 6 tools.

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    SecurityFocus top 6 tools.



    1. Bastille Linux v1.3.0.p10
    by Jay Beale, & Jon Lasser,
    Relevant URL:
    Platforms: Linux

    Bastille Linux aims to be the most comprehensive, flexible, and
    educational Security Hardening Program for Red Hat Linux 6.0/6.1.
    Virtually every task it performs is optional, providing immense
    flexibility. It educates the installing admin regarding the topic at hand
    before asking any question. The interactive nature allows the program to
    be more thorough when securing, while the educational component produces
    an admin who is less likely to compromise the increased security. Small
    bugfixes to allow the script to be re-run without breaking previous
    changes. Readdition of AutomatedBastille and a small bugfix.

    2. LogTrend v0.82-1
    by fdubuy
    Relevant URL:
    Platforms: Linux

    LogTrend is a modular architecture for systems monitoring with, on one
    side, the storage server, and on the other side, agents in charge of
    collecting data. Independent modules such as visualization, complex
    alarms, or trends analysis make use of the data stored in the database.
    Agents for Linux systems, Apache, Proftpd, Snort, and a generic SNMP agent
    are available.

    3. MailScanner v3.11-1
    by Julian Field
    Relevant URL:
    Platforms: AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, SunOS

    MailScanner is an Email virus scanner and spam tagger. It supports
    sendmail and Exim MTAs, and Sophos and McAfee anti-virus scanners. It is
    very easy to install, and requires no changes at all to your
    file. It is designed to be lightweight, and so won't grind your mail
    system to a halt with its load.

    4. FPortNG 1.33
    by Foundstone
    Relevant URL:
    Platforms: Windows 2000

    fport reports all open TCP/IP and UDP ports and maps them to the owning

    fport requires the usage of psapi.dll. On Windows NT, psapi.dll must be in
    the same dir, or path, as fport. For Windows 2000, this is not the case,
    since the system contains the .dll.

    The program contains five (5) switches that allow you to sort by
    application, process ID, application path, port, and display help.

    5. ProBot SE v2.1.2
    by NetHunter Group
    Relevant URL:
    Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP

    ProBot SE is a workstation monitoring and keylogging suite. This software
    generates the detailed event log that is kept securely in binary files.
    These files may be later referred by the system administrator or computer
    owner for the exact reconstruction of the computer usage. ProBot SE
    remains undetected even under the most prying eyes. It is invisible both
    in Windows 9x/ME Ctrl+Alt+Del List and Windows NT process list.

    6. Secure|Password 2002 v1.0
    by Security Storm
    Relevant URL:
    Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP

    Secure|Password is the latest security tool in the Secure Product line.
    Secure|Password allows administrators, security enthusiasts, as well as
    home users to perform several tasks. From generating secure passwords to
    checking a passwords complexity, Secure|Password is a great password
    security suite. Users using Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Me are also
    able to recover passwords that have been cached by Windows.

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    good post. The security storm one looks interesting.

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    Originally posted by anonymous AP giver
    Why not just list the tools and link to the site, instead of cut and paste the whole damn thing?
    There is a few reasons why I posted the "whole damn thing". Its only to save time for those not already familiar with these tools, they can read about the tools before they decide if they are interested of them or not.

    I dont know about you "anonymous" but I prefer to read about new tools before I give them a try and start download them, especially if I have a slow connection to the Internet. This way I can decide if they dont suit me or if I badly want to give them a try.

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