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Thread: A place to start for total newbies

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    Smile A place to start for total newbies

    Well I’m a newbie not only to antionline but also to serious computer use, not just playing here and there trying to do this and that but starting to using a computer properly, I mean learning about TCP/IP protocols, programming and even the hardware side of it all. So this will not apply to most of you out there.

    Anyway getting on to the point I wished to find myself a place to start, a few good books to get me going. I looked around and asked around I came across a nice little collection Sams Teach yourself in 24 hours/21 days. Currently I have read though teach yourself TCP/IP in 24 hours and am reading though Teach yourself C++ in 21 days. There is a large range of these books covering many topics. However I will stress this they are only a START they are good for getting the basic concepts nothing more there is no way you can learn a programming langue in 21 days to a high level but is a place to start to get an understanding will help you understand the online tutorial much better.


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    hey Kindred 69. Do you have a site to which I would be able to access this material. It sounds quite interesting and I'm beginning to get involved with this information and would like to know more. Thx
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    Hey jagfire, you can go to this link, and it has the matrial. You can start to learn c++ as soon as you get there. It is teaching yourself c++ in 21 days, like kindred said, its a start. Some nice guy from this site gave the link, he helped me a lot and i hope it helps you too. -Ebo

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    Nice site Ebo,thanks!!

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    Ya its a nice link.... I sure can use a little help from it... tq very much

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    A good book to read if you are interested in hacking, is to read Hacking Exposed 3rd Edition. It is extremely good.

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    Have a look at "Counter Hack" - from Ed Skoudis
    ISBN: 0-13-033273-9

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