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Thread: Some sick ****.....

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    Talking Some sick ****.....

    This has nothing to do with computers....other than a fine example of a sick ass You can find a little of anything here. But I warn you.....if you have a weak stomach or are under age, don't go there. Tell me what you think. Maybe I'm not the only sick son of a bitch at AO that enjoys this stuff, lmao. Yours truly, Haraam77......

    check it out......

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    Thats not sick, is sick... Im warning you if you have a weak stomach.... Keep away!

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    Thumbs up Very true.....

    I've also been there a time or 2...........good site.

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    search for "faces of death" in morphius videos. thats some pretty sick ****. i've been to these sites but also check out if it is still around

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    heh bangedup and rotten were the first 2 sites I added when compiling a banned list to our browser when my wee bro first started surfing (he's 10) - I won't go near them don't see the humour in looking at pieces of people


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    You need to check out a real messed up site go, no www.
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