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    Ok what I was thinking off was instead of just a basic form you could fill out (hobbies, sex, location etc) what about an option in your profile to do your own html? Just like the vbcode works in the posts - of course all images etc would have to be stored on a different server and perhaps to stop unappropriate material from being placed on the site maybe each person who chooses to use the html feature would have to have their profile checked by JP before it could be viewed by the rest of AO or maybe a profile moderator could be appointed like those on certain forums?

    Its just that quite a few people here are bound to have web-building skills and it would be nice to be able to show that a bit in your profile - also it would give you alot more scope as to what you could do to make it alot more personnal......

    I have no idea what this would mean on the technical side of things - or if it would interfere with the sites running but hopefully it is a workable suggestion.


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    Too much work for everyone, but a good idea. But if we allow HTML someone might find code to crash a browser then theyll have to get expunged and it will start lot of sh!t.. Or someone else will put ads in their profile LOL... Ive seen it on other forums

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    yeah thats why I was suggesting the moderation - or it the option could be disabled until you reached like senior member status or something?

    But I can see what you mean about it being a lot of work as well - heh would give JP something to keep him busy, as if he don't have enough already


    btw: ac1d I think they had quite enough monkeys writing the source code for windows

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    Sounds like you are looking for a free webserver. Go to geocities or angelfire or one of the other free web servers. Set up a page the way you want it. Then put in address in the homepage link.

    I personally like the standardized profile. You know exactly where everything is when you want to know it. You don't have to search all over a page so see if someone put in the age at 30, even though they type like a 12 year old. I agree that it may seem like lego's (all the same, just attach together), but there are benefits to it.
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    Greetings All:

    Well, this would DEFINATELY lead to WAY WAY WAY too many problems, and I have enough problems to deal with for now as it is.

    In the future we may offer free webspace for such things, but definately not in the near future.

    Thanks for the suggestion though!

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