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Thread: Grrrrrr......speaking of Avatars

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    Unhappy Grrrrrr......speaking of Avatars

    I have many nice images that are "gifs" that I use to practice making websites with. Well, with all this talk of avatars lately I thought I would out-do the rest of you by uploading one of my images. But, when I try to upload the image which clearly ends with ".gif", it says that the image is not jpeg or gif. Grrrrrr....what am I doing wrong?

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    Is it really a .gif? Or did you just manually retype: ".gif"

    If you did...then it's not a .Gif mate.
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    Cool Nah....

    Most of them are .gif......but I guess I'll just have to keep messing with it until one works. Thanks anyway....

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    If you're trying to upload one for yourself it may be hanging becouse you don't have enough posts to qualify. Dunno...I'm pretty new here myself, just a guess.

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    yeah i had the same prob when I tried uploading an image for my picture but I just left it a couple of days and tried again and it uploaded no prob - maybe this should go in the bugs forum???


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    Are you using Opera? The site has some javascript to check the filetype, which apparently is a Win/Netscape-only piece of code.
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