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Thread: Stealth Program Help!

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    Question Buch of Hacking Brats @School Network! HELP!

    Hi! I currenlty am assisting someone on an issure, but however, I am unable to find the proper solution for them. I'm wonder if anyone knows any program that fits their requirements.


    I need help in locating a product to use for remote administraton. I am
    looking for something like SubSeven. SubSeven's features are actually
    exactly what I am looking for, I simply need to find a program that is a
    little more... legitimate. I would like many of the same features, and
    stealth capability is a must. I would also like to find this as freeware.
    But if I would be required to purchase it, that would be alright, but our
    budget is limited and freeware would be super.

    Thank you for your help.

    Thank You for your help...................!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well..I do not know about the stealth capabilities, but have you looked at PCAnywhere or VNC?

    What is the reason for wanting this. if it is really important, just use sub7 for your internal network, and block the sub7 port at your internet firewalls.

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    yeah am quite intrested in what you need it for as well maybe a lil more info?
    you could try netbus - the original trojan which has apparantly gone legit
    you'll also find some other monitoring software they supply at


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    U know why?

    Um........ god question. These computers are located in a computer lab, and people that are using these systems are low-graded hackers. Look below!

    Thank you. The stealth capability is necessary because this program would
    be installed in a computer lab. The purpose of the program is to monitor
    what we can not see and to control what we could normally not control. We
    are plagued by a group of brilliant children who don't know their own
    limits. Every day as I sit on a computer and wonder why it is incredibly
    slow, I realize it is because they have left Kazaa on while they are
    downloading 54 MP3s simultaneously. Daily, I shut down an FTP server that
    one of the kids has setup on a computer. It gets ridiculous after a while,
    and there needs to be some control. If they were aware that such a program
    was installed, they would do everything they could to remove it. The last
    program we used, ChildLock from Visionsoft, seemed like a great buy... we
    spent about $1,000. for the license and installed it on all the computers.
    An hour later, the kids had deleted the ChildLock executable and removed
    the registry policies. Stealth is necessary because they can't disable
    what they don't nkow is there :-)

    It does not HAVE to be freeware. But the principal does not want to spend
    a huge amount of money on this. It is a concern of his, however, that the
    computers are being used for illegal purposes such as these downloads on
    Kazaa. So if the price is right, we would purchase it. But we would be
    looking for something in the neighborhood closer to a few hundred dollars
    than a thousand dollars.

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    You might also consider a more restrictive OS such as NT rather then win9x. I took a training course once on NT where the system was so locked down I could only do those activities approved by the instructor (class work). There was no run option, I could not explore the C drive, I could not send files to the command line through office apps.


    PS I am speculating that one or too of the brillant children actually cracked the preventive software and shared the knowledge with the others -maybe you want to hire him/her as lab moniotrs?
    If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What\'s more, you deserve to be hacked.
    -- former White House cybersecurity adviser Richard Clarke

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    I am a cracker
    hey 1 K1dd download sub7 I hope you get hacked!

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    have you looked at secure desktop?

    At work I use a program called secure desktop. I also use NT and have relatively strict policies, but what it does is use it's one executable insted of the explorer shell...

    IE: no desktop, only a few icons that you specify can be run from it.

    Don't know how it would work on 9x and how easy it would be to disable from that standpoint, but from NT it works well.

    Also: disables right mouse button, doesn't allow ctrl+alt+del, no start bar.

    It's not free, but it's relatively cheap

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    Try DeepFreeze...

    This programs is wonderfull! You set your computer configutation and freeze everything! When you freeze the computer, DeepFreeze take a images of every files... And everytime you computer reboot, he put back the images.. So whatever the users do (Install program, download), everytime it reboot, the computer put back the images. It can also save you a amount MG of Space that can be change by the users that stay even if the computer reboot. My school use that on Win98 and never saw a computer crash because of the poor users.
    Realy good programs.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    you'd think if these people were in charge of a school network, they would want something other then sub7. especially since there are plenty of things to use other then that.

    black ice defender sounds like the best choice though... or fortress
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    Thank you to you all for your reply. All of these fine sugesstions had been made to the person that I'm trying to help, and I am waiting for a reply from him. However, to prevent complete hackings of programs, would it be wise for him to install a HTTP and DNS only gateway?

    Once again, thank you for all of your replies.

    [QUOTE]hey 1 K1dd download sub7 I hope you get hacked!
    Also that make this clear, I AM NOT A SCRIPT KIDDIE. I'm a defender, not a warrior. That's why I have the most pariond network security firewalls + tools installed (which again are still not enough for this new internet age).

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