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Thread: Removing the X

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    Removing the X

    Hi All,

    I am working with a web application that does not support the back button. The users use this application to enter their hours worked. I use the following to prevent users from using the back button:
    <!--Code Extract begins here,"","scrollbars=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes,width=800,height=600");
    Code Extract ends here-->

    If a user does not log off the system there time records are locked for 1 hour (system timeout value). Closing the browser does not log the user off. Many phone calls are received from users who did not properly logoff and need the lock deleted. Is there an argument I can add to the call above to grey out the windows close X (upper left corner)? I tried close=no.

    If this functionality exists I will use window.close() to end the session when a user logs out properly.

    I cannot modify the application to reconize a closed browser as a logout (it is a plugin from our vendor SAP).



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    Don't know if this will help dspeidl but take a look at this post
    second post from bottom of thread - about chrome windows might help you out....


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    Thanks but does not function and Ron the Don cannot be private msg (I tried PM from the Post and sys said invalid user ID)
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    hmmmm i got it off him !? I'll upload it for you
    soz about that

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    Sheesh tripod server is a bit funky...(sorry about that people)
    I'l attach or use another from now on...(slow on certain comps/connections)

    Say " valhallen" did you say you were singing up for the ?
    If so have you had much joy with their service ? i am about to upload some files..ect...just hmmm
    am in need of fast downloads for people.......wanna share things n that...cost free

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    Ron yeah have signed up but ain't used it yet Still designing site....nearly finished is done completely in flash - nothing major just messin about, ain't been using flash that long yet so site will improve as I increase my skill


  7. #7 is free 150 megs of space dont know if that will help hope so

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    You might want to try to set the browser in full screen mode so the titlebar isn't viewable, and place a nice "Logout" or "Close Window" somewhere, most users won't think about putting the window in non-fullscreen mode and closing it, they will just click...

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