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Thread: pronouncing LINUX

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    pronouncing LINUX

    how do you spell Linux? is it Lee-nux, or lee-nix, lie-nix.

    i have been using the second pronounciation for conversation, but it turns out the people i talk to, all say it differently.

    can someone help me here!

    thank you for your time.

    - [blackh0le]

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    You spell Linux. L I N U X You pronounce it Like Linext without the "t".
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    Whatever you do, don't pronouce it LINE-X
    the "Lin" should be pronounced like the first syllable of the name "Lindsey"
    the "ux" can be pronoucned a couple of different ways. Most people seem to say it like "ucks", but after hearing a .wav of Linus Torvalds saying it, I've started saying it "ooks"
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    Try Using "Len-x" It Works For Me.

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    I say "len - x"
    Ya but no matter where u go people all say it different.
    Kinda like these words: pecan, potato, roof

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