This is not as robust as say, Sam Spade or other tools that most IT staff deploys. However this is a nice little tool for the newbies to get an idea of whats going on. It's small light and it's freeware. They posted it on today. It's perfect for the noob that wants to have a small peek behind the scenes. Then they can move on up to better more usefull tools.

From the site:
"SpamDigger 1.0 Date added: 2/20/2002
Collection of internet utilities
Want help with tracking down that spammer? Want the hard facts on a particular domain? Or who owns a certain web address address? SpamDigger is a networking tool that allows you to lookup various information about any internet domain name. The tools include Whois, Dig,Trace, DNS, IP block and some more. It also offers an spam lookup, that allows you to check if a domain is known for spamming. "

I hope this will help some of you newbies. As well, you old timers may want to add it to your collections.....
Enjoy all...