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Thread: another free way to hide your folders

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    Exclamation another free way to hide your folders

    i found this the other day while testing an old DOS norton disk editing utility. you can browse the files in each block of each cluster, and modify the name and other attributes of the file. you can scroll to the specific file or folder and delete all the characters in the name and the disk will save the new name as having no characters, which is against windows' "laws". you will be unable to see the file at all in the win98 GUI and cannot access or modify the file in ms-dos or windows.

    NOTE: Only tested on computers running Windows 98 SE - MS-DOS 7.1.
    I imagine it will work on any FATx filesystem.
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    try creating a dir called ' ... ' (3 points) on a novell fs...
    (worked on novell4 .. a long , long time ago .. dunno if this still works)
    who knows?

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    another old way of making hidden folders was to go into dos and rename the file...... "alt+255 filename" (I think it was 255? Feel free to correct me )
    In order to view the folder again just go back into dos and rename it without the alt+255 - I dunno if this still works as I ain't had to use it in a while but hey you might as well give it a try


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    Why don't you just use PGP to encrypt your data. It's free for personal use. It works great and is virtually (depends on the encryption strength you choose) unbreakable.
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    i assume you want to hide your folders of smut from prying eyes (wifes,girlfriends)
    i dont know if that what you were talking about
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