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    Ok have just downloaded multi-proxy and given it a go but its left alot to be deserved - it allows anonamous connections through your web browser but how would i go about connecting to things like irc through a proxy?

    Also has anyone else noticed that whilst using a proxy to connect to AO it log's you out like nearly instantly? Had to switch back to using a direct connection in order to post


    ::bah just noticed i posted this in the general chit-chat, soz peps was meant to go into newbie questions::

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    For IRC mate, need a bouncer. Usually distributed bouncers are for Linux Distro's...but hell, I'm sure some guy who programs in C++ got bored one day. Check around here. Multiproxy only allows you to surf the web anonymously. Check Blackcode and do the scan...if it shows some IP that IS NOT yours...then its working fine.

    And for AO logging out instantly...I'm not to sure about. For I, and I **** you not, NEVER log out.
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    Ahhh the tried and trusted google link hehe
    thanks man will take a look c at some point - no rush now as am heading back to uni in 3hrs >_<; really should have got some sleep....ahhh well can sleep on the bus on way to airport


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