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    ~*Baseline Security Advisor by MS*~

    Isn't this just lovely. . . . . due to the fact that MS's coders just suck & cant keep from putting holes in everything that they build. . . . they are now creating a program to search out holes & weak paswords so they can be fixed. Who is gona patch the holes in the hole searcher? lol. Is MS going too far? Are they fighting a loosing battle?
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    This gets funnier by the day. its like a dog chasing it's tail.
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    Yeah, if you just put more effort and time into doing it right the first time, it wouldn't come back to haunt you, Bill!
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    So, would they run the program on itself, perhaps? Sort of a recursive patch-the-holes idea.......

    Though, given that this is Microsoft, the patches would have holes, you'd need to run the program on the patches.....

    Then the patches of the patches would have you'd need to run the prograSEGMENTATION FAULT--Core dumped.
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