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Thread: What's required for JSP?

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    What's required for JSP?

    I went to to check but I didn't get any smarter. JDK, Java 2 SDK, J2RE, J2EE and so on in in absurdum.

    I just wanna play around a bit with JSP on Apache. Can anyone tell me what I need?


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    try Allaire JRUN (it's got some useful bit and a evaluation download)

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    Here's the bare minimum you need to run a JSP development environment:
    For compilation:
    1) The Sun Java 2 Software Development Kit (J2SDK) (1.3 or 1.4)
    2) The Sun Java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK) (2.1 or 2.2)
    Both these can be found at

    To run a JSP, you need a JSP container/server that has a Java Virtual Machine. Good Bets are:
    1) Tomcat:
    It's free, it's flexible and has XML based configuration files but can be a pain to set up and configure.
    2) BEA Weblogic:
    In my opinion, the best commercial JSP container/server out there. Built on top of Tomcat and Apache. Stable and has XML based config files.
    3) Sun Java Web Server:
    Decent server. Limited to 50 simultaneous connections. Good development platform.

    Besides these, to develop JSP's you need a working knowledge of both core Java and Java Servlets.

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    If you want to try development with JSP, get Tomcat, that is the easiest way (go to and follow the instructions)

    If you want to do development on a non-internet box, it is fine.

    If you want to host production sites on it then you probably want to either combine it with another web server (e.g. Apache), tune it up and secure it, or preferably both.

    Anyway get it, run it, and JSP will work out of the box


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