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Thread: Airline Insecurity, and You

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    Airline Insecurity, and You

    I've just read a rather interesting article concerning the new Federal Air Marshals. You can find the story here..I wont ruin it for you and I'll let you read it for yourself....

    But, I would like to hear your opinions on the matter. After all, the majority of users here are US citizens....that's right people, this type of thing is occuring in your country, although it could be something out of pre war Germany......

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    that is pretty interresting, i'm not familliar with the web site so i'll take the right to doubt it...yet if the info was true i would not be shocked in any ways for once that blond, blue eyed us citizen are treated by the police/gov they voted in power like the rest of the world...
    well hopefully the duba administration will fall of it 80/76% approval ratings and get more realistic about security...
    by getting the latest missile defense system i still don't see how they would prevent hijackers with knives to take over a plane... oh my ball! they can shoot it out of the sky and then say it crashed in the middle of nowhere !!! i got it yeap defenitevely get that latest missile system
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    Originally posted here by nabylbt
    that is pretty interresting, i'm not familliar with the web site so i'll take the right to doubt it...

    That's ok. Alot of people doubt what the "respectable" media have to say too....It's just up to the individuals point of view...

    Originally posted here by nabylbt

    yet if the info was true i would not be shocked in any ways for once that blond, blue eyed us citizen are treated by the police/gov they voted in power like the rest of the world...

    It's funny that you choose to quote the "blue eyed blonde hair" piece of the article. When I first read it I found that to be a rather rascist remark...Perhaps I'm just an overly paranoid geek...

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    yea accually when the plane that went down just outside of pittsburgh
    i thought it was shot down any way
    unless the fact that it was heading for the capital and it just so happened that it went down in such a rural area. but that could just be circumstance....... right?

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    Since we're talking about airline security, I have a story to tell.

    Recently, my dad took my grandmother to her home in Florida. When they got there, it was discovered that since my grandmother couldn't drive she hadn't bothered to renew her driver's license and had no other picture idea. The security guards there dubbed her a hazard and sent her to a special "maximum security" entrance, with heavy-duty x-ray machines and a lot of waiting around.

    This would be the right and prudent thing for the airport to do, but in this case, was it a bit unnecessary?

    Oh, gee, I'm missing the main point of the story... My grandmother is 88, confined to a wheel chair, and legally blind. She recently broke her hip, and has been having various other health problems that have confined her to a very-assisted living facility. Is this woman a security hazard?
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    That blue eyes...etc statement:
    These were not dark-skinned people with beards and turbans. These were blonde- haired blue-eyed American citizens, who complained about the way they were being treated.
    looks to be rascist... I don't know American media, but if this was published in let's say The Netherlands, France or Belgium, this caused a major "media riot" for sure.
    It could be a sentence to show how absurd the rules are however it sounds very rascist and therefor (IMHO) it is rascist talk.

    They were then informed that all senior citizens or any other citizens, who may have problems controlling their bladders or bowels, should henceforth, when embarking on a commercial flight, wear adult diapers.
    this is 100% humiliation.

    It's also interesting to note that the 63 passengers, who were the subjects of these harsh and repressive measures, were segregated and forced into an airport security room, wherein they were told not to mention this episode to the media, if they were questioned.
    And America is a free country? LOL

    This supports the contention that the mainstream media has selected a group of shills, who simply call in and read what is essentially a prepared text, in order to support governmental policy.
    this is 100% political opportunity, abuse of the democracy, such things are expected to happen in a non-democratic country like Irak, not in a free America.

    IMHO ---> Americans: reconsider your president and his governement
    if such things happened over here... big chance the person was banned for politics forever... look at Willy Claes (Belgian) (former NATO chief), cause his party accepted money from a military heli firm he lost his place and never came back.

    But the worst thing (for AO members):
    You will not be allowed any more PC's or Notebooks, or anything that has the ability to communicate with the outside.

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    Thumbs up

    You won't get me up in one of those things.
    It ain't natural...
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    airport security

    I think airport security is not only a joke but an oxymoron.

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    Twice now I have missed my connecting bus when going home cause of heightened security in the airport - and I ain't flying over a major city full of skyscrapers am flying into southern Ireland from Teeside Middlesbrough....if they brought a plane down in S.Ireland the only thing they are likely to hit is cows (no offence Ennis ) and if they crashed into tees the rest of the uk would prolly rejoice in having such a scumy place cleaned off the map....

    Don't get me wrong I ain't making light off the sep 11th disaster, but is 4 security checks neccessary for a 30/45min tops flight??? Overkill me thinks


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    I'm not sure if the story is comepletely accurate, if you look around this almartinraw you'll start getting strong returns on the old BS meter...but some of the security measures in the US are quite extreme. The true extent of the Sept.11 attacks can now be seen: Americans have begun terrorizing themselves, willing to take any injustice for a small piece of safety. If you disagree, let your voice be heard!
    Elen alcarin ar gwath halla ná engwar.

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