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    Question Help!

    Say if a hacker tries to get into my system what should i do?

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    well how are they trying to get into your system? what OS are u running? does it run a firewall? is it on a static or dynamic IP? have u installed the latest patchs for ur OS? have reported or logged the attempts to the users ISP? what type of ways are they trying to get in? have they gotten in from what u can see?

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    I agree 100% with NetSyn.
    You haven't given any information (with the exception of a stupid image)
    give us info & we'll try and help.

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    Turn it off. That was an easy one.
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    ummmm and why did you post rioters (i think it is anyways) avatar to your post????


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    I know your new to Antionline so listen..... dude you need to learn this if you wanna make it on Antionline. When asking a question, you need to give as much info as you possibly can. You need to RAPE your brain looking for anything you know about the topic of the question.

    However when you ask such a general get a very general answer.
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    Well "IF" a "hacker" tries to get into your system he WILL . The only thing you can do about it is catch him before he can do any damage. You might want to get a good virus scan and a good firewall. If you firewall catches somebody trying to get into your system report it to your isp or their isp. And if a "hacker" tries to get into your system its probably because you post questions with NO DETAIL........ Its like asking what do i do if a person breaks into my house?
    (In case you don't know the answer You call the cops.)
    Just my two cents,

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