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Thread: Proxys, Anonymity, etc.

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    Exclamation Proxys, Anonymity, etc.

    I've got some questions concerning proxys and anonymity...

    1.) I use the tool MultiProxy to stay anonymous. Therefore the program offers the option to import a list of proxy servers to check whether they are active or not and now i want to know where or how i can get a list of proxy servers. Stop ! I already know places like, and the whole other sites. My problem is that i can't import these lists directly into my tool because the list has to have the following format:
    ip-address:port-number ...So does anyone know how i can leech these proxys into a list without the other crap? Is there a tool out there which will do it for me?

    2.) There's also the possibility to use WinGates in order to stay anonymous but the lists of servers on places like, etc. are always too old and mostly they are all dead. I have a wingate-scanner and i want to know which ip-ranges i have to scan in order to get the most servers...

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    Sorry Mr. Dude there r no programs that i know of that will leech the proxies. If u really want to import the proxies copy em and paste em into notepad and edit the **** out. Might take a lil time......
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    hmmm....i think you're wrong...i already know a prog which will do it for's called "GetProxyList"...but it has the disadvantage that it sometimes doesn't work...dunno why...this is the reason why i'm searching a new tool...i'm not stupid i know that i can copy and paste them into an editor but this is to much work...
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