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Thread: Whats your job?

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    I am 21, currently working as an intern system admin for a software development company. I have to take care of many win2k servers and 1 solaris server and offcourse help out the (l)users with tech support.
    Good part is it pays well and I am the only admin, nobody who tells me what to do

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    i am a net admin/security/pc repair/reseller/tech support

    man i love it all too and just like you i have locked my self out of my own boxes
    i am working on expanding my service area and clientele (basically people that can't afford full time it pros.
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    I'm not working at Video Update anymore, I work for a startup company called
    I don't get paid that much but it's a good experience.

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    I'm an IT student at an Italian University, I hope to became a System Administrator.
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    Hmmm...I'm 24 and primarily self taught (hoping to go to school this fall). I started out as a software tester working with unix/windows environments and all kinds of apps. Currently I do software development for a game company doing e-commerce sites/applications/etc.
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    I am now a student at DeVRY, and am currently learning programming. It isn't a bad place to be, but it isn't the best one. I want to learn as much as I can about computers, because computers grab my attention. Hopefully, some day I will create something to be proud of. And the DeVRY I go to, is now a DeVRY University

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    I am a 31 yr old Operations Manager. Have worked for the same company for almost 13 yrs. I am responsible for the network, phone system, pagers, two-way radio system, voicemail system, and basically all operations and procedures of the company. I have obtained MCP status but have not had time to get the MCSE. I was also going to school to obtain my BS in CS but had to put that on hold. I have also been designing and developing websites since 1995 and prefer the developing side to the design side, I love to code.


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    I'm a Microsoft designer, im 26, and am getting very bored with this job. anyone want it.

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    'In between jobs at the moment....'


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    I do technical support for United Online....Yes Juno and Netzero (dont laugh)
    I take inbound calls as well as doing callbacks fixing what the normal L1 agents on the floor were unable to fix.

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