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Thread: Whats your job?

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    Originally posted here by dammitberky

    It sounds like your living the life i would like to be living in the next few years. How did you get this job for the airforce.

    i was actually very lucky. i am not an official gov employee, but a government contractor. a good friend and fellow techie i knew has been working here for quite some time. when the position opened up, he recommended me and gave them my resume. it took almost a year to actually get hired. a lot of phone interviews and such went on and then finally, after new years, they decided to hire me based on my reviews from former employers that i have been doing on call contracting work for during the last couple of years. trust me, it was not an easy position to get! especially here in pittsburgh. it is very hard to find a nice paying techie job here that is not temp or contract work if you are under the age of 35 it seems. no matter how much experience or pieces of paper you have behind you. if you do get a job near the city, you will usually be very underpaid. unless you are very luky. networking with other people in the field is very important.

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    Hey, all. Thought I'd add my $.02
    I'm 29. My current job is a Central Office Technician for a telecom company, work mostly on a Nortel DMS100 switch. Networking and computer security is just my hobby, although I'm thinking of transitioning into the IT field...just need to get some additional training for resume purposes. I've spent pretty much my whole adult life doing telecom, and it's pretty interesting MOST of the time...
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    We have some pretty interesting people in here. Variety is the spice of life!

    As for me...

    I'm 27 - while in nursing school discovered a love for computers and switched gears. Been programming for three years and love it. I'm brain dead at the end of the day but hey - it's all part of the game I suppose.

    Always love to see the 'finished product.' But don't we all, I suppose!
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    Originally posted here by {PP}Apocalypse

    They know how to screw an SQL Server database up good....LOL
    You can say that again. I have been here for about 3 months already and still don't understand everything they have done..

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    an dsp engineer recycled in networking / security engineer (not really related i know ...)
    but got to make a living. and if you got ethics most dsp work wil take it appart ....
    assembly.... digital dna ?

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    i am a lifeguard
    it has absolutely nothing to do with computers
    i am just getting into security and i am trying to pass my c++ classes

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    Humm.. general newbie here, I have a talent with computers, been using them since a junior in Won't say how long ago that was, but find the internet, computer software, etc.. absolutely intriguing. If you let me play with it, or set me in front of it, I can learn it. I want to learn Html, Java, Flash, etc.

    I do everything in R/L from Business Development, Sales, Marketing - graphics, etc.

    Currently working on a General Product Brochure for a manufactuering company. I want to learn about security and go to work for a high tech company in Florida around the Tampa area when I move later this year.. (I have the old school, basic/cobol/pascal/jcl and a zillion other software applications). I would LOVE to have a job like Cat on TechTv or one wehre I get paid to test the security of websites,etc. That jsut seems the ultimate high. Either that, or rofl, just learn the in's and out's of security, etc.. just for the pure joy of the knowledge. *smile*

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    im 16 and have no life i play video games and write stupid c++ programs and then i got a trojan and got pissed and got in to security.

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    Wink ...

    I am 21 years old. I am a Computer Technician for the Odessa, Texas school district. (ECISD) I have been here for about 2 years now. I do everything from setup new comps to figure out why they can not logon. I sometimes install software. I somtimes install hardware. There will be times I show them how to use email. I may even have to show them how to turn on a comp! I do anything and everything.

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    Well I'm 21 have an associates degree and work for Security Associates International. I have been workin with comps since ms-dos 3.0 was the sh!t. I currently am trying to break into the admin/security world. I have lots of knowledge but no certs to proove it. I am currently getting my computer engineering degree. I'm currently an operator for a new GPS tracking emergency phone. Its actually pretty cool. I can track the phone anywhere in the us and provide any emergency services. Its a good job for a student and I can't really complain.


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