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    Talking Uploading a site

    Ok, I've learned a lot of HTML and been practicing making webpages. My question that I have some good do I upload them from a floppy to make them live. I am not really looking for someone to give me a quick explanation.....I'm just looking for someone to point me in the right direction maybe with some recommended reading or some good sites. Thank u. Haraam77

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    Depending on how you created the site..did you use an editor or notepad? Typically people use an ftp client to upload to the host.

    Where are you hosting at? Free service, geocities, angelfire etc or is this a domain with paid hosting on a monthly basis?

    Your question creates a ton of other questions but to answer in the simplest way, FTP client.

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    html web pages need to sit on a web server (apache, IIS, etc..)

    you need to FTP (file transfer protocol) your html to a web server...this is "uploading"

    you need an ftp program (search google or tucows) or windows 2000/xp...which has basic ftp capability built into explorer

    to get a web server you need to...

    use one your isp provides...most provide basic web space with your them
    use one of the free ones...geocities, tripod...there's a few again...

    build your own...
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    Smile HTML

    Right now I'm just using basic "notepad"..........and want to use geocities for the free webspace. Myabe you know of a website which goes into great detail on this?...Thank u...

    Ok, I will go research on FTP......thx.

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    Geocities has a pretty good help directory and a member helping member section as well.


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    What account do you use to connect to the internet? If you have a subscription to an Internet Service Provider, there's a good chance you already have some webspace. Check your account information for that. If your ISP offers you some space, it has some advantages, like:
    • Fast file transfer connection
    • probably phone support
    • most probably manuals that either came with your subscribtion, or are available on your isp's website
    • no advertisements on your pages
    • not a /geocities/something/somethingels/onleesbaarvoorjou/thisisfar/away -like adress, but something shorter/easier to remember
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    you also might want to have a look at AO's new Web Dev forum...(posts don't appear on the mainpage)...there's a thread about free web hosting...and one about resources...check it out...
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    some web hosting services allow you to upload your files through ftp but some dont.

    internet explorer has a built in ftp. just open it up and the instead of http:// in the address bar you should type in "ftp://" (without quotes) and then your page address. for example if you have a page at tripod with the subdomain name "haramzada" you would type this in your address bar:

    but for this to work you have to enable folder viewing in IE:

    Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Enable folder view in FTP sites

    most of the hosting services have a link on their web page which lets you select the file you want to upload from your computer.

    sorry, i dont know of any web sites that expain this.

    post again or send me a message if you need more help.

    NOTE: joking about HARAMZADA thing.

    kutta :-)

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