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Thread: HUB or another network adapter?

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    Question HUB or another network adapter?

    Hi could anyone help me with this problem?

    We have a LAN in our flat. There is one linux server with two network adpaters in it (one in one out. And three computers connected with bnc to this server. Now we would like to connect another computer to this LAN. Problem is that this computer is notebook and has only TP card. My question is should we buy a hub and change our LAN from bnc to TP (everyone then has to buy new cables) or could we only buy another network adapter for the server so there will be three network adapters(one in and two out)... I hope you get my point as I'm a little bit tired and my english is worse then obviously))

    thank you very much sun7dots

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    You could buy a hub with a BNC port, so you could keep your existing thinnet and expand with rj-45...

    Only thing is that I've only found 10Mbps (not 10/100) HUBs (not switches), so if you ever want to upgrade to 100Mbps you'd have to change your hub too, but until then it wont make any difference....


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    Easiest thing to do is sell the TP card on e-bay and get yourself a pcmcia card with BNC. Most of the big networking companies make them. This will allow you to simply add on to your existing network without any reconfiguration of software or topology. I am not a big linux guru but I think you can have as many network adaptors in a lin box as you have space for. Additionally if you connect 2 NICS together via CAT(X) with an RJ-45 connector you need to use a crossover cable.

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