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Thread: Steal This Computer Book 2, By: Wallace Wang

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    Thumbs up Steal This Computer Book 2, By: Wallace Wang

    Steal This Computer Book 2 , By: Wallace Wang

    A general book with useful information about everything from how to crack softwear to fighting back against spammers. A book for anyone of any level. Good for refereance too.
    It also comes with a CD filled with 300 programs. Ranging from virus scanners to firewalls.
    It's worth the $24.95.

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    It is a good book, I have the first one as well. If you are gonna invest just buy the second book it covers the 1st book with a few extras added in but different software on the CD. Hell, the CD is worth buying the book.
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    definatly a must read -- i couldn't put it down for like a week. it's full of information...before reading it i never even knew phone phreaking existed. it's hard to believe some some of that stuff is even possible
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    I found it to be an easy read, but with little techinical depth. I would reccomend it to people very new to the hacking scene for a basic background. However, the CD is very good.
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    I'll check it out.... sounds good for a newbie to security like myself
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    I'm glad you posted this. I've been wondering about that book and I haven't had a chance to sneak a peek at the contents in Barnes and Noble yet so this post just gives me a bigger push to get out there and get it.
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    you know whats funny. i actually stole the book! no joke. that is just the way i am. i've stolen just about every book i own except for the ones i got as gifts. the book sucks in my opinion. all it really is is a book for someone that doesn't know anything about computers and security to get a general idea of the dark side of the internet. with every disscussion they give you a link to a website that goes into further detail. it isn't like a step by step "hacking" book like "Hacking Linux Exposed" or anything, but you guys are right, it is for the extreme newbie. i am still a newb but i could have written this book. i wish i could have stolen it when i first got into this seurity scene.

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    This is a great book for beginners, and a nice book for anyone to have to have as a referance on some of the general stuff one should know. If you're just starting, this book is a must.


    I forgot to mention that AntiOnline is mentioned in this book too (chapter 5 page 60

    I wonder how many other books this site is mentioned in

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