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Thread: IP Spoofing

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    IP Spoofing

    I have heard quite a bit about IP spoofing, but all of what I read applied to much earlier times. (ie 80's early 90's) Just wondering, does anyone know how to spoof today? Just in basic things like, telnet, web-browsing.
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    The thing is if you spoof your IP, you won't receive the answer from the server. In that sense spoofing isn't much use...

    On the other hand spoofing is used in (D)DOS attacks, in which you don't care about getting the answer from the server, you only want the malicious packet to get there...

    Some might say you can spoof your IP true unsecure proxies (socks servers, wingate) but I don't really call that spoofing but more like laundering...

    Spoofing might also be used in poisoning attacks I think but I don't remember the sepecifics...


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