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Thread: Telephone Attack

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    Exclamation Telephone Attack

    Here's the situation: I am on the receiving end of calls from some unknown type of device that can make my phone ring - or something ring in my room - possibly the computer - even when the phone is totally disconnected from the line. That's right. I can disconnect the handset and pull the phone line from the computer (I have a T-splitter) and I still get a ring. It doesn't sound like a true ring, more like a cell phone twitter.

    These attacks come in the wee a.m. hours. They are one ring (maybe on the theory that one ring is not a tracable call), and they usually wake me up, as seems to be the intended purpose. The only thing that stops them cold or any phone activity, is when I'm on the Net. I have a single line dialup.

    It looks like eventually I may have to go to the authorities and get a court order to find out who is doing this (the attacker has blocked his line so *70 or whatever doesn't work) and what kind of equipment is capable of doing this. The phone company says there might be a bug in my apartment, which I doubt. They also hint at some kind of transmitter but are not forthcoming about this level of security info.

    Please, if you have any idea what kind of police, spy or military hardware can do this diabolical thing, which costs me sleep nearly every night, reply to this post. Thanks.

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    if its not connected to the wall then i think its eaither a phone fault or some on has put somthing in your phone but what i dont know i would get a new phone that would solve all your problems

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    Uhm... I'm having trouble visualizing this... Basically, you're getting noises at night, which are only preventable by being connected to the net? And they happen with your phone or computer unplugged from the wall socket?

    Uhm... lousy modem drivers, the modem speaker doing it? Or even your main speakers? Does this still happen if your computer is turned off? Does it still happen when it is unplugged from the power socket? (For ATX motherboards, "off" is not truly off unless you unplug it from the wall.) I have a scanner which has some software for managing the bulb in an energy-efficient manner which occasionally makes odd noises (not often)...

    PC speaker... could that be doing it? (not the same as speakers from your sound card, the PC speaker is the one which ONLY does beeps, it's inside your computer.) If you're computer is in some sort of standby mode or something... Rebooting noises? Faulty power supply? Internal temperature warning?

    Could you elaborate somewhat?
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    Terr's onto something. Is your puter on while this happens? And what type of phone - this is needed, is it a pot, or a remote type with base you can carry around?

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    because the phone draws power from the actual telephone line, it really *can't* be possible for it to be making any noise on it's own, unless there is something foreign inside of it. . .

    however, if it is a cordless phone, such as I have, the handset may beep occasionally when the base is unplugged. .

    the computer piece sounds the most promising, I would suggest running with that.

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    I agree with RiOtEr - just get a new phone.

    Although if you are like me, you're thinking that getting a new phone is toooooo easy. You just HAVE to figure out what the heck is going on!!

    Is there something you're not telling us - like being involved in some questionable circles, doing things that give reason for you to be watched - little ILLEGAL activities.....??

    Just kidding bout that last line, but it would make a great story!!

    My first step would be to figure out if it's your phone or your pc. I would guess your pc, because that is more easily explained. Find this out by unhooking your pc one for awhile to see if it happens. Another few nights leave it on, see if you can find a pattern that way.

    It's gotta be your pc. Can't imagine why you'd have a bug, or transmitter or whatever in your phone that beeps when it's unhooked.
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    Exclamation Reply to Terr, Others on Phone Attack

    This is unquestionably a form of phone harrassment, not an accident. It's been going on in different forms for a long time. What is recent is the ability of the attacker to jingle something in my room with the corded phone unplugged from everything. The computer is off, the lights are out and I am in bed. That has been the case thus far. The one ring comes and goes before I can locate the source of the sound. All I can do is try to describe it.

    The computer is not unplugged from the outlet. I had not thought of that. I'll see what happens when I pull that plug. The attacker definitely has insider information. He managed to get my unlisted phone number years ago before the Internet and all the info available on it. He also seems to have hacked my email. To protect that I have installed Ontrack and ZoneAlarm (the free download) and I change my password more often.

    In one phone conversation with MCI phone intelligence people, when I asked if there was a piece of equipment that could do this, I received the reply, "Yea, if you want to spend ten grand." Unfortunately, the call ended before I could get further info. So I know the hardware exists. What is it? Who makes it? And how do I defend against it?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Reply to Terr, Others on Phone Attack

    Originally posted here by listener
    And how do I defend against it?
    Easy....Disconnect your phone and get a prepaid cell phone...........Problem solved.
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    No offense, but if you're serious I;d look into some psycho counseling and some medication for sure. A good anti-psychotic will make your stalker go away.

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    sound like some funny **** to me
    id like to know so i can do it too
    why dont u give me ur # so i can try

    just kidding

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