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Thread: It's almost too easy

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    It's almost too easy

    Yet again, M$ proves to be unsafe ... three new holes have been found:

    I wonder if the so-called "security break" at M$ is going to make a difference .... nah ... Bill needs his share to recover in value ...


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    Dude, that's too funny. It seems it's now a daily occurence, much like sendmail's bug-of-the-week way back in the day. Then again, I don't hold judgement against someone who made a mailer for a college and never expected it to fly as well as it has unlike MS which has been putting out shitty software for almost a decade. Yeah, remember when Windows 3.1 was stable? That's because DOS ran it and it was nothing more than an application.
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    nice last line to that article
    How about to Linux?


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    Liked it, loved it, laught at it..

    thx, the_JinX
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    MS Continu to amaze, it's almost a hobby, like making models, only your trying to pice it together......

    Funny Artical.....

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    ooga gagga...
    send M$ back to the playpen with the other non AO-addicted babies
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