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Thread: Firewall??(please help)

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    Unhappy Firewall??(please help)

    I am thinking of connecting by a cable modem.
    Do I need a firewall??
    If yes should I go buy software, or can I find software online for free.
    Please help
    Thank You

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    thank you
    this is very helpful

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    you can get zonealarm from here for free its pretty good and i know alot of people that use it and they have never really had a problem with it

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    ZoneAlarm never goes away.

    After emailing ZoneLabs I got the same 3 page unistallation instructions: I did everything I could to get rid of it for a few days straight. This including reinstalling it twice. Needless to say I;m furious.

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    again...i would recommend Tiny Personal Firewall it is free, and can be downloaded at:

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    ZoneAlarm really is bad, by recommending it you show you really understand little and are easily leasd by other people.

    It is a resource hog, contains spyware of some sort and is simple which is not good except for your granny.

    I recommend

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    yeah i got cable modem too. so i would recommend Norton Internet Security 2002....its easy to configure, if even need to. cuz it already detects port scans, access to unused ports by remote systems, trojan horse programs, and just some common ports hackers use and ****. also, i just dont fully trust those free firewall programs.

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    On my home computer, I use Norton Personal Firewall 2001 in conjunction with Norton Anti-Virus 2001.
    I am presently looking for a firewall program to install on a 300+Mhz PC that uses a cable modem and has limited system resources. Any ideas?

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    thanks for all the help
    i tried tiny but it won't install
    i'm gonna try norton next

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