This just some different attacks and other useful info

*Any technique that uses knowledge of TCP/IP to launch Denial of Service (dos) attacks against hosts in concert with IP spoofing or other penetration technique. Example (for the people who do not know)
Use SYN/ACK DoS attacks against a "trusted" host, followed by IP spoofing using TCP number predication to gain a one way connection to the target host. (this is old but still works!)You can also include attacks launched LANS, that manipulate the ARP table, or any attack that manipulate any other routing protocal to spoof host identity, or uses DoS attacks against name servers to subvert the normal trust relationships and allow IP spoofing to occur.

*Any low-level spoofing attack that uses knowledge of low-level protocals such as ARP. Any low-level attack that uses knowledge of TCP/IP internals ICMP_REDIRECTS. Any higher-level attack that subverts the target's view of the internet by, subverting the normal DNS name service.

A system administrator must be aware of how the hacker mind works, and why they are so keen to get root.
A cracker would always know why he/she is picking on the remote target prior to to starting, and thats why they are trying to get system privileges. heres a small list of why a Cracker might want to get privved up!

*Install Internet services that run on a low, ports.
*Install fake users to make getting back in easier.
*To place one or more Ethernet interfaces into promiscuous mode.
*Hide your presence on the system by manipulating system tables.
*To be able to edit the computer logs prior to exit and cover their break-in's.
*To make any adjustments to the system that only privileged users can do.
There are a lot of ways to get system privileges depending on the system that the Cracker is using. Once the Cracker has the system privileges(root etc.) they can take control of the computer and do whatever they want.

The only people who disagree with this are "ethical crackers"who, find a "kiddy porn"
site, and they do their best to destroy it.But why do they do it?
Not just because its the right thing to do, but also because a lot of people think "kiddy porn" should be destroyed from the internet before it forces the Governments to introduce controls and censorship to kill the freedom of the Internet once and for all.

The figures show that 85% percent of all companies who lose valuable data etc,, go down the tube within 12-18 months, so it's a excellent idea to have serious security.
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