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Thread: Please help us to test our new released anti-hacker tools!thanks!

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    Cool Please help us to test our new released anti-hacker tools!thanks!

    It's a powerful tools!here is a summary,
    Product Description:
    Antiy Ghostbusters (AGB) is an advanced anti-hacker utility that finds and disinfects backdoor tools, spywares , trojans and worms in your computer .These files hide in your system like ghost and are all harmful to your system.
    Antiy Ghostbusters can scan your hard disk, process, directory, find known and unknown ghosts ,and clean them drastically.

    Antiy Ghostbusters Monitor (AGBM) watches file and sensitivity area, finds active ghost program. User can manage the application network access rules.

    Antiy Ghostbusters includes many excellent tools, you can use them viewing some internal information of your computer, such as port, connect, process , and managing it.

    You can use links below to get it,

    It will be highly appreciated if you can send us your comments for our products!

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    this sounds too good to be true
    it's got to have some flaw
    i'm gonna try it anyway

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    Enough is enough. This has turned into spam now. Look and see. This has been posted over and over. Now yet again it has been posted. I was giving it the beniffitt of doubt. The person even replied and said they did'nt know the posting procedures and would'nt do it again. Well here it is.

    <begin><rant>For one, I was going to have a look. Not any more. This is not even a freeware or beta. Which most developers release for testing with source code. It is a full complete version of shareware. A commercial program. So this has become spam now. Thats low to spam BBS's, tech boards, and news groups.</rant>
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    i have to agree.... there is one thing to post it once... maybe even twice. but as p2p said it was posted a lot of times. come on now...
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