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    Linux Help

    Hello pals.....

    Help plz....

    How can i shutdown my linux box without loggging into root?

    How can i standby in linux?

    Suggestions plz....


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    You won't be able to shutdown or reboot unless you are root or have used the "su" command to become superuser if you are in the wheel group to do so.
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    shutting down needs to be done as root user
    standby depends on the linux kernel you have, some support it.
    In the shell u can tell yer pc to goto sleep for a amount of time, like

    apmsleep +0:25

    that wil make it go on standby for 25 minutes

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    You can't shutdown, but if you're a local user, you can reboot (at least in Red Hat). Just go to a text console (Not X) and press ctrl+alt+del. You can turn off your pc when it reboots.

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