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Thread: Netbios!!

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    Exclamation Netbios!!

    Hey guys do u unbind netbios from the network and ...yeah one more thing .....why do we have to unbind the netbios it bcoz they give out the information about the computer ................

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    There are actually quite a few threads on Antionline that discuss the Netbios: have a look at this page:

    Soggybottom made a nice little explanation in this post - I'll quote him here for your convinience

    Netbios enables file sharing across networks. If your drives are incorrectly configured, allowing file sharing, you can potentially allow a hacker to map a drive to you, and giving them full file system access to yuor computer.

    I think that companies enable netbios to enable them to conveniently access various data files. Eg. If a variety of people need access to the same files, put the files in one place, and get everyone to map a drive to it.

    Also, with NT, if you are familiar with the nbtstat command, this can pick up hostnames, login details, Mac addresses, IP Addresses etc from the Netbios UDP crap that your computer is broadcasting on a regular basis.

    If you want to see how much netbios traffic your computer slurts out, simply install a personal firewall on your PC and log all outbound and inbound netbios traffic (Ports 135-139 WNT, Port 445 for W2K (I think). It is heaps!!
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    Here is another thread on this. Started early this morning.
    Good luck
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    Hey Centaur hope this helps

    ere's how to disable NETBIOS over TCP/IP (and close the ports)

    1.Make sure you've disabled File and Print sharing.
    2. Click the start menu and choose settings, Control Panel.
    3. Double-click the Network icon.
    4.Click the Configuration tab.
    5.Under the heading of "The following network componets are installed" double-click TCP/IP
    6.Click the bindings tab.
    7.If it is checked, click the box to UN-check "Client for Microsoft Networks".
    8.If it is checked, click the box to UN-check "File and Print sharing for microsoft networks".
    9. click okay
    10. A box titled "Network" will appear click NO.
    11. Repeat this procedure for multiple TCP/IP listings (all of them)
    12.Click the OK button in the network control panel.
    13.A prompt box will appear asking you to restart your computer.
    14. Click yes to restart your computer for the new settings take effect

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    thankx guys .......

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