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Thread: what can I mix with Norton????

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    what can I mix with Norton????

    i have Norton internet Security/AntiVirus.

    i would like to know which, if any, other firewalls would mix well with norton. I have always on internet connection with a static ip and am not sure the best way to protect it.

    i have read a few threads and they all talk about routers and such. I have limited funds and would like to know the most cost effective way around my problem.

    any advice will be greatly appreciated
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    Well, Norton has it's own firewall........if two Norton products won't play nicely with each other, then who knows what will..........

    Of course, that would be a legitamate conclusion about most programs, that they'd play nicely with other programs from the same company. With the exception of Microsoft, naturally.
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    get yourself an entry level hardware firewall/router

    net gear

    and a couple of other all for just over 100 bucks...

    an hardware/software combo is always better than one alone...and you have the benefit of being able to hook up extra boxes behind the firewall without paying for an extra ip...most if not all do DHCP and NAT
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    Zigar has an excellent solution, but you mentioned you don't want to spend extra bucks, right?

    well, do you have some old box in the corner collecting dust?
    like a 80486 or Pentium I, or even a "fast" 80386?

    Use this box as a gateway to the net.

    What do you need, to do that?

    first: the spare box (a 80486 or something like mentioned above)
    second: 2 network cards (or if your modem has USB connection, 1 Network card and USB)
    third: an OS (Windows or Linux)
    fourth: software that does the firewall and router/NAT for you
    this software can be (for windows): sygate home network, Ositis winproxy, winproxy, rideaway, proxy+, ... there are many search the one that suits your needs...
    but remember: if you choose windows you have to keep in mind that the software nor the OS is free and not even stable or good working and that you probably have to use a Pentium box for minimum system requirements.

    Better choice is Linux, you can configure the Linux box to act as router on your own...check the IPchains and NET3 howto's or tutorials on this site and on or you can use some prebuild linux config that does everything for you... you can get a linux distro that does the task on a single floppy (1.4 Mb) while windows + antivirus + firewall and router software would need more than 500 MB... there are many linux firewall distro's available on the net, check out . There's one that I can recommend for use with cable or DSL connections trough ethernet, called BBIagent and available from or , the linux distro's almost all work fine with connections based on ethernet (like PPPoE), if you use a modem that connects through USB, you will need to have a box with USB support (offcourse) and search for software and OS that does support connections through USB.

    Your setup could look like this:

    internet (WAN side) <-----> modem <----> router/firewall box <-----> (LAN side) PC1

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    Thanx heaps i will try those setups and see what is best for me thans
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    Re: what can I mix with Norton????

    I have done this with Sygate.[with Norton Personal Firewall 2001]
    Works fine.
    Just enable 1 firewall in the start-up.

    P.s your defense is good.[no danger,only allerts]
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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    For VictorKaum's solution I'd recommend

    They have some simple pre-configured nice lil' firewall NAT, webcache. It's very simple to install and use. Plus they sell dynamic DNS, which is nice for those broadband people on DHCP. It's free.
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