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Thread: Embeded Flight Simulator in Excel

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    Question Embeded Flight Simulator in Excel

    Can someone tell me more about this?

    I read something last night that kind of shocked me....that there is a flight simulator embeded in Microsoft Excel 97...and that Microsoft did several things to cover up the fact that it is there....

    I don't have this version, but i'm going to get it to check it out for myself......
    if you do have it, i read that you can get into the flight simulator by opening excel 97, pressing F5, typing X97:L97 then click OK. Press the tab key. Hold down Ctrl and Shift at the same time, and simultaneously click the chart wizard button once.............

    instant flight simulator......

    I don't know if this is pure BS....or maybe because i'm a newbie everyone else knows this but me? lol

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    A flight simulator seems a bit to hard to believe, an easter egg would be more likely. But who knows what crap MS put in their products . Anyone knowing better then I do?

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    Microsoft Excel 97 - Version SR-1 or higher.
    If you received an error while entering the X97:L97 code in EXCEL to try and reach the simulator, try this one for newer versions of EXCEL.

    1. On a blank worksheet press F5.
    2. In the "Go To" windows enter "r97c12:r97c24"
    3. Press enter.
    4. Press the TAB key.
    5. Hold down Control + Shift.
    6. Click the chart wizard tool-bar icon.
    7. Have fun and enjoy.

    And Others...

    Microsoft Excel 97
    1. Open Excel 97
    2. Click on "Office Assistant" button
    3. Under "what would you like to do?" type "credits" (no quotes)
    4. Click on search
    5. Click on "The Cast of Characters"
    6. Credit screen will appear

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    i'll see if i can get my hands on a copy today..... it would be interesting to see if this is an egg or what.....
    worth checking out IMHO

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    I agree with micael,
    I highly doubt a flight simulator would be embedded into a program like excel. What it most likely is, was just some dumb newbie who started it and tried to act big. A word of advice to you firefemme, you probably should not believe anything you here from people in various chat rooms posts ect, unless you know that they are intelligent in computers. Otherwise it probably is just BS like you said.
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    Oh, but she's right, there actually is some sort of flightsimulator in excel. It's a crappy one, polygons only, but you can freely move around it - search for the mountain that has the text in it

    You all know of the pinball machine in Microsoft Word, right?

    You'll find them all, including some usefull ones for other hardware

    (check the 'elevator' section - there's one that you can use in an elevator, which comes in quite handy - it makes sure the elevator doesn't stop to let other people in if you're in it - works with but a few elevators, but it works at my office's )

    Going back to Excel - there are rumours that Microsoft descided to put in the quite large easter eggs because they needed to beef up the size of the program. Consider this for debate: A user tends to believe that small programmes (small, in MB's) can't be any good, because they're just to small. Nowadays, you just HAVE to include at least two CD's in your software-package, otherwise people won't take it serious...
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    i read it in a book called Maximum Security, 3rd Edition, chapter 1 page 11. People from Delphi Consultants, SANS, NoWalls inc. ,, network admins from the U of C, the founder of the Web site Freaks Macintosh Archives, people who have given speaches at Defcon 7/8, and the US airforce wrote this book.

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    there was an egg in excel 95, the hall of the tortured soul or something along those lines, it's been too long :-/
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    it's there i've played with it
    look for the pool that moves

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    my coworker showed me this
    its not really a flight simulator, you just can move through a 3d textured world. and in the center is a pyramid which scrolls the ms excel credits

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