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Thread: what other firewall can i mix with sygate

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    Jan 2002

    what other firewall can i mix with sygate

    i want to protect my system that much further and i would like to know what firewall would sit comfortable with sygate and is a really good firewall.

    which is the best firewall?

    sygate or zonealarm

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    Dec 2001
    I wouldn't recommend using two firewalls. Just get a really good one and stick with it, it should work fine. I use Sygate and I'm happy with it.

    You sound like your serious about securing your system. Just make sure you got Virus Scanner (I recommend PC-Cillin) and a good firewall (like Sygate). But, don't think you are invincible then - you still gotta be active and make sure to not open any suspicious emails, etc. But, it should be suffice for a home system.

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    Exclamation uhm

    There are many many threads here on AO about
    which is the best firewall?
    So, please don't start this again...uhhh...bored... please use the search AO forums option next time.

    But like hot_ice mentioned you should be ok with a good and properly working and configured firewall and a good updated virusscanner.

    If you use an "always online" internet connection like xDSL or Cable then you could add some rules in your router if you use one or place a firewall box between your modem and home pc, other possibilitie is to use a hardware router/firewall/switch.
    that could be from any firm but here are some examples,
    from linksys:
    or from Dlink:
    There are threads on AO about these products to:
    search on DI-707, DI-704 or Dlink, or something similar...

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    Re: what other firewall can i mix with sygate

    I have done this with my Norton Personal Firewall 2001.
    Just enable 1 firewall in the start-up.
    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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