Ok i know this is tutorial is lame but im new at writing this kind of stuff.

This tutorial was written by [c]OnDeX - Hacking Windows 95/98/98se/ME Netbios

This tutorial is for eductaional purposes only this is my first tutorial eve written so watch for spelling

Tools Needed
1. Port Scanner
2. Netbios Password Cracker

Ok first of all u will need to get a good port scanner i suggest u use
one called Netbrute after u have the port scanner u will need to get an IP
from one of your friends or it could be your's and scan your ISP for the NetBios
port which is port 139 after u are finish scanning u should now get something
that looks like this:

[] Jason ---------- IP = Computer name= Jason
d$ |
Printers$ --------------> shared drivers

Ok this is where we crack the password theres a very good passwrod cracker for
Netbios that will do the job in seconds called PQwak this little tool u will have to put only the ip adress
and the driver that is shared like c$ u will need to put something like "c:" and the cracker will
start after it has cracked the password our next step is to connect to the computer using Netbrute simple make a right click
on the persons IP and click on Browse a password prompt will appear type the Name and Password that
PQwak has retrived fro u a BOOM! u are in the computer.

Well this is the end of the tutorial i hope u newbies learned something from it l8erz.