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Thread: Hp Jetdirect J2552b Help

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    Hp Jetdirect J2552b Help

    hey there.. recently picked up a use HP Laserjet 5M with a Jet Direct Printer Server J2552B. I want to install on my network but there is not software available from HPs website for that print server card.. I am running Win NT 4.0 Server and I know i can use Windows NT LPR service but I can't get the card recognized. Can anyone tell me any other of doing this or where I can possibly get the software??

    Thanks alot


    P.S. You guys are great help. Thanks for the help in my other 2 posts.

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    Im far from a Printer expert and probably someone can tell you exactly what to do.. But anyway I'll give it a try .

    - Install the TCP/IP printing service (under network settings).
    - Edit services in control panel, look for TCP/IP printservices make sure it starts with the computer.
    - Add a new printer HP 5M in your case.
    - Add a new hardware port (LPR) the settings would be somthing like.
    name : ip adress to the jetdirect box
    port : RAW1 (or whatever u have the printer connected to).

    Continue the installation of the printer.

    To add and change a setting on the Jet Direct box you'll need the software for that. Should be bundled with teh box and can maybe be found on HP's website.

    This can be wrong since I dont know much about the hardware u use, but I hope it'll help .


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    I don't know if this works, but the other way around it does - we do that at work: older DOS programs can't see the jetdirect-ports, so, we renamed them - now, they're called LPT1 or LPT2. DOS picks up on that.
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    You need to configure the jet direct card with a valid IP address for your network. You can follow these instructions to configure the IP address through the control panel on the printer. Here's a link to the HP instructions for configuring the jet direct card. Once you've configured an Ip address for it you can map a printer port to this IP address and you should be in business.
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    ok , this link will support u with the needed driver from HP .
    for hp jetdirect print server J2552b drivers and downloads for American English

    if it didn't , please let me know.
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    thanks for your help guys.. both links were great


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    Talking thanks


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