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Thread: empty your pm box

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    Exclamation empty your pm box

    please ppl, check your PM inbox here at AO, nothing so anoying to see the message:

    This user's mailbox is currently full, and cannot be sent any messages until it is cleaned out. An email has been sent notifying the user of this. Please try your request at a later time.
    Focmaester, TheProphet,... before you send PM's get ridd of the old ones etc...

    Sorry all ppl here that I have started a thread for this... but how to notify ppl on this prob?

    Let's make it a little tutorial on the PM box at AO:

    there is an indication on top of your inbox: look at it.

    first: if you want to keep your box on a pretty empty state, don't check the 'send a copy to my inbox' when you send a message.
    next: if you want to clean your folders, make sure that you checked the "show messages: from the beginning" ---> GO , otherwise you will only see those from the last 10 days...
    next: you can always print, forward or copy paste the message if you need to keep the content.

    these are pretty basic things but I thought these were worth to post... (IMHO)

    greetz to all, and have a good day / night whatever.

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    ok, but i have another prob.
    it keeps telling me that i have a 14 meeages. but when i enter it shows me nothoing and i want to delete them .. but i can't reach them.
    how do i do that one ... please clarify.
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    Are you sure that you have checked the GO thing I mentioned.

    Go to your PM center.

    check all your folders, by selecting from the pull down menu at the top of your message listing start from the beginning then press the GO button next to it... now you should see all the pm's from the beginning.

    Check all your folders and refresh the main page, the prob should be fixed now.

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    hmm that's a question for Opps theres a bug forum.

    Well I couldn't believe it but that tutorial helped me.
    Thank you VictorKaum that was an awesome piece of fine literature
    Also I noticed somthing that might be of some assistance getting notified if you have
    PM's, there is a check button for "please notify me of PM's " that when you check that box
    an alert message will prompt you of new messages when the page loads.


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    I am going to close this thread. Any more discussions along this line can go under this new feature thread that I just started.

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