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Thread: why r u at this site????

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    Now, RFC Compliant! Noia's Avatar
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    Jan 2002
    I'm here only because I'm conserned about security, of all kinds....
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    i'm here cause
    • the peps r cool - most of them anyways
    • i make that need to learn
    • my uni course sucks so I need something to do
    • heh and this place is addictive >_<;


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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2001
    Im here because..... I was looking for info on securing my home computer. I have stayed here because I have made some Good friends not just aqaintences (hehe sis). Im not on the forums that much but you can nearly always find me on the IRC

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    Senior Member
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    Sep 2001
    i am here because i love my computer... and u get everything here at AO moreover if u
    do something good then u are always encouraged... and people are ready to help u out
    if u are stucked somewhere .. instantaneously...
    so this is the great place...

    i came in here first ..(before seeing any other security sites ) and believe me i have never
    gone to any site since then...

    thanks to JP

    A laptop, internet connection and beer.

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    thanks for all the input
    i'm sorry i did't make enough categories for everybody
    i persoally came here to right a report on hackers, and i got addicted to security

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    I came looking for information to help me learn more about hacking but I stayed because not only is this one of the best layouts for a information site I've ever seen, but the content is great and phun to look through (like my grandmothers attic) and the board is the best ever created. If I wasn't interested in what this site was put up for I think that I would have come back every once and a while to see the updates.
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    Mar 2002
    To learn more about security and all issues relating to it. Nice bunch of people to learn from as well.

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    Sep 2001

    "Just Because I'm Paranoid Dusn't mean theyr Not After me..." - Can't remmember who It's by..... Sorry...
    Why good ol Kurt Cobain, great line all the same.

    Im here because type anything security related into google and AO comes up!

    Yes I knew about google before I came here!

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    Just a Virtualized Geek MrLinus's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    Redondo Beach, CA


    I'm here cuz of the funky and cool colours! =)

    Actually, like others before me when I was on a search for information about security and such way back when (oh my! Have I been online that LONG?!!? Hrmmm.. I think I need sleep) I found AO and at first wasn't sure. But when I got to know people in the chat specifically and then more when I began posting online I found that this is a wellspring that never seems to dry up.
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    IT Specialist Ghost_25inf's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    I came here because I didnt have the money to pay for tech support. LOL But really I came here sometime ago. I had a thing for security and there was alot going on here and the post back then where very informative. I enjoy reading the posts and trying to give helpful insite with the different issues that arise. Going to be asking alot of questions come july ( thats when I start collage for Networking) going to get (edumacted) LOL.

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